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Early bird registrations have been extended to 15th February

The Physioforward Conference hosted by the School of Physiotherapy at the University of Otago, will be the premiere physiotherapy conference in New Zealand for 2013. The event follows the Centenary Alumni Celebrations for the School of Physiotherapy and will showcase innovative and thought provoking physiotherapy research from across the world and New Zealand. The fundamental theme is the future of physiotherapy practice in a changing health delivery climate. This conference will be divided into four themes key to the physiotherapy profession both clinically and at a research and policy level. These themes are: prevention, intervention, participation and evaluation.


Physiotherapy is fundamental to preventing injuries and the promotion of health and wellbeing. Work in occupational health, musculoskeletal conditions, care of the older adult, disability and many other areas, supports people to stay injury free, as well reducing further/confounding disability or disease, and helps maintain a level of health and wellbeing throughout the lifecycle.


Innovative and evidence-based interventions designed and managed by physiotherapists enable people to overcome their injuries and disabilities and return to normal or adaptive function and participation.


Physiotherapy has at its heart the goals of self-management, empowerment and best practice relevant to individual patients. Engagement with end-users, advocacy and community groups, whānau/family and other health practitioners is crucial to the design and implementation of relevant and effective physiotherapy treatments and programmes that enable people to participate optimally in their communities.


In the modern healthcare climate, the ability to show the cost-effectiveness of any treatment is becoming a crucial focus. Physiotherapy is uniquely placed to directly affect the costs associated with acute and long-term conditions. Innovative health service delivery models and evidence-based cost-benefit analysis will be the driver to move the profession forward in the future.


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